About Us

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Dominic Games Studio is amazing, awesome, beautiful, great, incredible, really nice and unbelievable game development studio from lovely Miami Beach, Florida, USA! Our team is making fun, creative and outstanding games. We love kids and we have dedicated all our time to them.

Our Facts:

  • We are based in Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • Our team is 20 people
  • 30% ouf our team are females
  • We have 2 Alexanders and 2 Andrews in our team
  • We drink more tea than coffee
  • Our eBook has been used for education in some of USA schools
  • Our readers read our Bible Stories for Children – Old Testament eBook in Sunday school classes, youth group meetings, with their children at bedtime, and as a morning devotional!
  • We will create more and more games for our the best fans … kids we love you!